ATON DLA2RF 2 Room DLA Speaker Selector w/ RF Remote and Cooper Wiring Devices RF9542AW Non-RF Accessory with LEDs – Alpine White

ATON DLA2RF 2 Room DLA Speaker Selector w/ RF Remote and Cooper Wiring Devices RF9542AW Non-RF Accessory with LEDs - Alpine White

ATON DLA2RF 2 Room DLA Speaker Selector w/ RF Remote

ATON DLA2RF 2 Room DLA Speaker Selector w/ RF Remote

  • The speaker selector concept has been around for decades as a device that enables you to connect multiple speakers throughout the home to your stereo system, and turn the speakers on or off. A good concept, but it requires you to either walk to the selector each time you want to control the audio or use clunky volume controls at each speaker location. Not anymore! Introducing the most exciting advancement in the history of speaker selector products: The ATON DLA 2 Room Speaker Level Audio Router (DLA2RF) with RF control.

    About DLA Technology* (Dynamic Level Adjustment)
    Unlike typical speaker selectors that use basic impedance correction, the ATON DLA utilizes a logic circuit that actively monitors how many rooms are on, along with their respective volume levels, and delivers maximum available power to each room – simultaneously protecting the DLA and the amplifier from damage. Each DLA room output features an electronically controlled potentiometer, built with the highest-grade materials available to ensure super-flat frequency response and high power handling (125 W). *Patent Pending

    RF Remote Control
    Electronic controls on the front of the DLA2RF provide true ease of use of all system functions. But what puts the DLA2RF in a class of its own is RF remote control. Using the industry’s first RF remote for a speaker selector/router, you can adjust audio in each room with volume, mute, all on/off and unique “sound scene” commands from anywhere inside or outside the home (up to 200 feet away).

    Pluh and Play
    The DLA2RF easily connects to your home theater/stereo receiver and up to two pairs of wired speakers routed throughout the home. If you already have a basic speaker selector, the DLA quickly replaces your existing selector and allows you to play and control your favorite music like never before.

    The End Result
    The ATON DLA2RF allows you to enhance your environment with rich audio in multiple locations. You can enjoy the freedom of letting the party be vibrant while keeping the kitchen conversational. And with convenient RF control, ATON lets you relax so that you can finally sit back…and listen.

    A “sound scene” is a programmable preset that allows you to create and recall your favorite volume settings for each room with the press of a button.

Price: $299.00

Cooper Wiring Devices RF9542AW Non-RF Accessory with LEDs – Alpine White

Cooper Wiring Devices RF9542AW Non-RF Accessory with LEDs - Alpine White

  • Aspire RF Dimmers replace regular switches to provide local and remote ON/OFF/DIM/BRIGHT control and are compatible with Incandescent, Magnetic Low-Voltage and Electronic Low-Voltage lighting loads. Aspire RF Dimmers provide other programmable functions (scenes, events, association, child lockout, etc.) when used with Aspire RF or other Z-Wave compliant controllers*. Each dimmer can be manually and remotely controlled by commands sent from an Aspire RF controller (RFTDCSG, RFHDCSG, RFBER) or other Z-Wave compatible controllers or programs. Aspire RF Dimmers utilize existing 120 V/AC 60Hz standard house wiring and fit into standard wall-boxes. No new wiring needed. *Note: some specific Aspire RF features may not be programmable.
    *(Note: some specific Aspire RF features may not be programmable.)
    • Softly curving arch; contrasting textures; velvet-smooth, quiet actuation; and colors that subtly complement each other make
      Aspire RF devices an integral element of any decor.
    • Extra-long, extra-wide metal mounting straps and easy access ground screws provide reliability and speed up installation.
    • Compatible with Aspire RF Master Dimmers (RF9534 and RF9536) for 3-way, multi-location control using traditional 3-way wiring or dedicated traveler wires.
    • Electro-mechanical push pad for ON/OFF operation with separate DIM/Bright bar.
    • Pressing and holding push pad for 2 seconds brings light to full brightness without affecting preset levels.
    • Seven step blue LED display alongside push pad indicates selected light level even in full daylight.
    • Amber LED at bottom of LED display indicates ON/OFF load status.

      Also available in different colors
      Cooper Wiring Devices RF9542SG Non-RF Accessory with LED’s, Silver Granite
      Cooper Wiring Devices RF9542WS Non-RF Accessory with LED’s, White Satin

    About Aspire RF
    ASPIRE RF with Z-Wave technology is a new generation of easy-to-install and easy-to-use wireless RF-based home control technology. With a full array of one-touch controllers and a wide range of wiring devices that can be integrated together, creating a wireless home control network using ASPIRE RF is easy. Best of all, installing an ASPIRE RF wireless system requires no special wiring or rewiring, making it ideal for retrofitting existing homes and for new home construction.

    Aspire RF and Z-Wave
    The high versatility and dependability of ASPIRE RF is made possible by the use of Z-Wave technology. Z-Wave is a highly versatile and dependable RF-based home control technology that effectively transforms any component into an intelligently networked device that can be controlled and monitored wirelessly. ASPIRE RF products are compatible with any Z-Wave certified device. This interoperability with other manufacturers’ devices provides maximum flexibility and expandability. Each ASPIRE RF unit functions as a repeater, using 908 MHz signals to ensure that every command is carried out. Z-Wave’s ‘mesh network’ offers extremely high performance and greater reliability than many control systems.

  • Performance
    Rating: 120V/AC 60Hz
    Installation and Programming
    Please reference the Instruction Sheet included with product for wiring installation. For programming of the device, see the
    Aspire RF User Manual, which is provided with either the Handheld (RFHDCSG) or Tabletop (RFTDCSG) controllers. Both are
    also accessible online at
    Testing & Code Compliance
    cULus Listed 6B28
    NOM Certified
    Complies with FCC Part 15, Class B
    Z-Wave Compliant Certified
    RF9520 has three 6″ pre-stripped wire leads for line, traveler and ground
    Materials Characteristics
    Meets Flammability Rating: V2 per UL94
    Temperature Rating: 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)
    5 year limited manufacturer product warranty. Product and performance warranties are extended to 10 years if installed as part of an Aspire RF Certified Installer System
    • Owners Manual
Price: $20.83

SECO-LARM SL-1301-BAQ/B LED Strobe Light – Blue

SECO-LARM SL-1301-BAQ/B LED Strobe Light - Blue

  • This low-cost strobe light is so powerful it is visible for miles! LEDs emit coherent light, which doesn’t dissipate like light from incandescent lights, so is visible over far greater distances. And LEDs have a much greater lifespan; this strobe is rated to last 160 times as long as its Xenon flash tube equivalent. Add it to any security system with a 9~12VDC 200mA output. Quickly scares away burglars and instantly identifies your home to the police: “Mine is the house with the flashing blue light.” As an option, you may install a 9v alkaline battery (sold separately) as a backup power source in case of a power loss.

    This LED strobe light is available in 5 colors: Amber, Blue (this product), Clear, Green, and Red (with red LEDs).

    We also have strobe lights available with a Xenon flash tube in the same 5 colors: Amber, Blue, Clear, Green, and Red

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Seco-Larm
    Manufacturer Product No. SL-1301-BAQ/B
    UPC 676544010463
    Number of LEDs 20
    Power Requirement 9~12VDC
    Power Consumption Rotate Clockwise: 60mA
    Strobe: 60mA
    Steady On: 200mA
    Flash w/Progressive On: 200mA
    Rotate Back & Forth: 200mA
    Flash w/Progressive On/Off: 200mA
    Adjustable Flash Speed Max 260/min
    Min 30/min
    Operating Life Over 50,00 hours (5.7 years)
    Backup battery Type 9v Alkaline
    Backup Battery Life Steady On: Up to 2 hrs
    Strobe/Flash: Up to 4 hrs
    Waterproof IP66
    Electrical Protection Reverse Polarity Protected
    Materials Base: Hi-Impact Black ABS
    Lens: Hi-Impact Acrylic
    Operating Temperature -4° to 158&degF (-20° to 70°C)
    Dimensions 3.94″ dia x 2.91″ (100 x 74mm)
    Mfgr Warranty 1 year, limited
    • 1x – Blue LED Strobe Light
    • 2x – Mounting Screws with O-Rings
    • 1x – Instruction Manual
Price: $29.65