Draper 116179 Targa Hardwired Electric Projection Screen, 1:1 – High Contrast Grey (70 In x 70 In) and Patio Pacific Quick Panel III Pet Door for 96in Sliding Glass Doors, #06 Small Flap, White

Draper 116179 Targa Hardwired Electric Projection Screen, 1:1 - High Contrast Grey (70 In x 70 In) and Patio Pacific Quick Panel III Pet Door for 96in Sliding Glass Doors, #06 Small Flap, White

Draper 116179 Targa Hardwired Electric Projection Screen, 1:1 – High Contrast Grey (70 In x 70 In)

Draper 116179 Targa Hardwired Electric Projection Screen, 1:1 - High Contrast Grey (70 In x 70 In)

  • The Draper 116179 Targa Hardwired Electric Projection Screen is ideal for home theaters, auditoriums and lecture halls, hospitals, hotels, churches, boardrooms and conference rooms. The motor is mounted inside the roller, for a trim balanced appearance. The pentagonal steel case has a scratch-resistant white polyester finish with matching endcaps.

    The Electric Screen is powered by hardwiring to a 110V feed and includes a Single Station Rocker Switch. The Rocker Switch provides up and down control of the screen. Several other options are available to control the Electric Projection Screen, see Accessories.

    When selecting a front projection surface, several factors need to be considered:

    • Gain – a relative measure of a screen’s reflectivity.
    • Contrast – the ability to accurately reproduce and differentiate light and dark characters and backgrounds, or light and dark areas of an image.
    • Ambient light rejection properties – the ability to perform well under normal to adverse audience lighting conditions.
    • Resolution – the clarity of the projected image.
    • Uniformity – the screen’s performance when viewed from various points off the projection axis (both horizontally and vertically), and when the brightness of the center of the image is compared to the corners.
    • Aspect ratio – the screen’s height and width configuration, formatted for the desired projection source (NTSC video, HDTV, WideScreen, CinemaScope, overhead, slide or motion pictures).
    • Textile Backed Screen Surfaces – These surfaces consist of a reflective surface laminated to a woven textile base. The screen surface hangs suitably flat because of the stability of the material and the weight of the bottom dowel. Good for all types of projection. Commonly used for single lens video projection, as well as for CRT video and data-graphics projection.
    • Matt White – The standard to which all other screen surfaces are compared. Matt white vinyl reflective surface laminated to tear-resistant woven textile base. A matt white surface diffuses projected light in all directions, so the image can be seen from any angle. Provides accurate color rendition as well as superior clarity. Recommended for use with all high light output projection devices. Requires control of ambient light in the audience area. Washable, flame and mildew resistant. Peak gain 1.0.
    • Glass Beaded – Brighter on-axis viewing than matt white surfaces within a narrower viewing cone. Some loss of clarity. Not for use with ceiling or floor mounted projectors. Flame and mildew resistant, but cannot be cleaned. Now available seamless in all standard sizes through 10′ high.
    • High Contrast Grey – Grey textile backed surface offers excellent resolution while enhancing the blacks of LCD and DLP projected images, even as whites and lighter colors are maintained. Performs well in ambient light condition. High Contrast Grey’s lower gain of 0.8 allows use with even the brightest projectors; viewing cone of 180&deg. Available on most non-tensioned motorized and manual screens, seamless in sizes up to 8′ in height. Peak gain of 0.8.
    • AT Grey – AT Grey offers the acoustical properties of our popular AT1200, while providing the best optical qualities of both Matt White and High Contrast Grey. It is unique in that it offers both a 180° viewing cone and the vivid color contrast associated with high contrast grey materials. Washable, flame and mildew resistant. Available in sizes through 6′ x 8′ or 10′ diagonal. Gain of 0.8. Not recommended for screens smaller than 80″ wide when used with LCD or DLP projectors. Peak gain of 0.8.
    • AT1200 – Innovative and versatile acoustically transparent screen material. Similar in gain performance to standard matt white. Acoustical properties comparable to the finest speaker grille cloth. Peak gain of 1.0.
    • Tensioned Surfaces – These screen surfaces are tensioned vinyl with no backing. Draper offers motorized, crank-operated and permanently tensioned screens with built-in tensioning systems. The advantage: the surface is stretched perfectly flat, resulting in better picture quality. Flatness is always desirable and highly recommended for video or data-graphics projection.
    • Rear Cineflex – Neutral grey rear projection diffusing surface with an on-axis gain of 1.3. Cineflex has high resolution and excellent contrast, even in lighted rooms. For use with any type of projection equipment.
    • Flexible Matt White -Pliable matt white material for use in our Cinefold portable folding screen. It can be stretched, folded and restretched repeatedly without damage. Flexible matt white is an excellent matt white material with a gain of 1.0 and a viewing cone of 180&deg.
    • HiDef Grey – A grey front projection surface that provides greater contrast and black reproduction than standard surfaces, with a lower gain to handle today’s super-bright projectors. The grey color enhances color contrast and black levels in the projected image and also allows for more ambient light in the audience area than traditional surfaces. Available on all tab-tensioned and permanently tensioned screens. Peak gain of 0.9.
    • M1300 – The perfect matt white diffusing surface. Extremely broad light dispersion and spectral uniformity. Panoramic viewing angle and true color rendition. Recommended for use with any type of projector in rooms where the light level can be reasonably controlled. Washable
    • M2500 – Higher gain surface provides good black retention with accurate light colors and whites. M2500 is black-backed, and tolerates a higher ambient light level in the audience area than many front projection screen surfaces. On-axis gain of 1.5.
    • Black-Backed M1300 – Our M1300 viewing surface with a black backing for situations where ambient light behind the screen is an issue. Peak gain of 1.0.
    • Low-Gain Cineflex – New Low Gain Cineflex surface offers a wider viewing cone and added contrast level with a neutral grey tint. This is ideal in applications where ambient light is needed, yet you want to limit your hot spot. This should be considered when you have a bright projector and rigid screens are not an option. Some ideal installs may include churches, training centers, or other large venue need. To order 0.8 Low Gain Cineflex just add LG to the end of any part number for a screen with standard Cineflex viewing surface.
    • Uniflex White – Uniflex Flexible Rear Projection Surface or Front Projection Surface. Draper’s Uniflex surface is ideal for wide angle viewing including edge blending or multiple projection applications. This product virtually eliminates hot spots in either front or rear applications and is ideal to use with short throw lenses. Light control is suggested with this product. Rear projection .7 gain/Front projection .5 gain. To order Uniflex just add UW to the end of any part number for a screen with Cineflex viewing surface.
    • Aspect Ratio
    • AV (1:1, 3:4, 4:5 or 7:9) – AV (audio visual) format screens accommodate a variety of projector types and range from square to wide horizontal in aspect ratio. AV format screens are described in terms of height x width, and are furnished without black borders.
    • NTSC (4:3) – NTSC video format screens are specifically designed for use with video/data projectors. Their format is strictly defined as a 4:3 rectangle, and the size is usually described in terms of a nominal diagonal. Conventional models of NTSC format screens are furnished with black borders to frame the image on all four sides.
    • HDTV format (16:9) – HDTV format is designed for high-definition television projection.
    • WideScreen format (1.85:1) – WideScreen format is suitable for letter boxed video images.
    • CinemaScope (2.35:1.00) – Cinemascope is the sizing of many Hollywood feature films and is wider than Letterbox Format or HDTV Format. Film projectors achieve this aspect ratio by replacing the typical standard ‘Flat’ lens with an anamorphic ‘Scope’ lens.
    • Native laptop presentations (16:10 and 15:9) – Accommodates presentations from laptop computers and projectors with 1280×800 resolution.
    • Targa Motor and Control Options:
    • Standard*
    • (Q) Quiet Motor*
    • (L) Low Voltage Control*
    • (QL) Quiet Motor with low voltage controller*
    • (LP) Low Voltage control with an attached plug*
    • (QLP) Quiet Motor and low voltage controller with attached plug*
    • *(Q), (L), (QL), (LP) and (QLP) will be specified in the product title, if none of these is specified it is a standard motor
Price: $614.10

Patio Pacific Quick Panel III Pet Door for 96in Sliding Glass Doors, #06 Small Flap, White

Patio Pacific Quick Panel III Pet Door for 96in Sliding Glass Doors, #06 Small Flap, White

  • The Patio Pacific Quick Panel III Pet Door is the perfect solution for adding a pet door to your sliding glass window. It is appropriate for more temperate climates or where a lighter weight panel is desired, and combines extra-heavy 3/16″ single pane tempered glass with the superior, award winning Endura Flap (see below). It is highly wind-resistant and includes a “draft stopper”. The Quick Panel III pet door is constructed of beefy metal framing and has a sturdy locking flap cover. No tools are required for installation and there are even a couple of built-in features that allow you to make a perfect fit or even make corrections to your installation, just in case your measurements are slightly off. All other patio pet doors introduce a large bug gap – included with the Quick Panel III is the Bug Warden, a bug blocking gap filler that keeps pests from entering.

    The heart of any pet door is the flap, and pet door flaps have always been a big disappointment to the pet door owner. They leak, they don’t insulate, they pinch the pet, they blow open, they don’t fit the pet and they wear out quickly so the user needs to buy an expensive replacement flap and start over again. Until Now! The award winning Endura Flap Pet Door for Doors is the premium solution for adding a pet door to your home. If you’ve never owned a pet door before, you’re going to be very satisfied – it does everything you think it should. But if you have ever owned a pet door, hold on to your socks. You’re not going to believe how much better this is that what you’ve had in the past.

    The standards which the Endura Flap is built, and no other pet door is, are as follows:

    • Be flexible and safe
    • Seal tightly against weather – Insulate like dual pane glass – Not yellow in the sun
    • Last ‘forever’ – Remain flexible in very low temperatures – Have appropriate dimensions
    • Stand up to wind – Be visually clear – Be environmentally friendly
    • Reflect superb engineering – Be Made in the USA
    • For a detailed description of these features, click here.

      When choosing the correct Panel Pet Door for your Sliding Glass Door, please follow these considerations and then select from the following panel pet doors based on panel style (double or single pane), sliding glass door size, pet door size and finish.
      Quick Panel III (Extra-Heavy 3/16″ Single Pane Tempered Glass)

    • 77″ Door with #06 Small Endura Flap in Brushed Aluminum, Dark Brown or White
    • 80″ Door with #06 Small Endura Flap in Brushed Aluminum, Dark Brown or White
    • 96″ Door with #06 Small Endura Flap in Brushed Aluminum, Dark Brown or White
    • 77″ Door with #08 Medium Endura Flap in Brushed Aluminum, Dark Brown or White
    • 80″ Door with #08 Medium Endura Flap in Brushed Aluminum, Dark Brown or White
    • 96″ Door with #08 Medium Endura Flap in Brushed Aluminum, Dark Brown or White
    • 77″ Door with #10 Large Endura Flap in Brushed Aluminum, Dark Brown or White
    • 80″ Door with #10 Large Endura Flap in Brushed Aluminum, Dark Brown or White
    • 96″ Door with #10 Large Endura Flap in Brushed Aluminum, Dark Brown or White
    • 77″ Door with #12 Extra Large Endura Flap in Brushed Aluminum, Dark Brown or White
    • 80″ Door with #12 Extra Large Endura Flap in Brushed Aluminum, Dark Brown or White
    • 96″ Door with #12 Extra Large Endura Flap in Brushed Aluminum, Dark Brown or White
    • Also available is the Quick Panel Pet Door – featuring all of the same sliding glass door sizes, pet door sizes and finishes, wiith Double Pane, Low “e” Glass (instead of Extra-Heavy 3/16″ Single Pane Tempered Glass)

    More About the Patio Pacific Patented Adjustable Rise
    The Quick Panel III Pet Door for Sliding Glass Doors features a User Adjustable ‘Rise’ – which refers to the height of the flap above the base of the pet door. The size of the rise is very important to the comfort of your pet – a higher rise gets the flap up higher for a taller dog which avoids him having to stoop to get through – on the other hand, a lower rise is less to step over for smaller dogs. The adjustable rise concept greatly increases your flexibility with the pet door. By simply removing the bottom flap assembly and cross pieces with a Phillips head screwdriver, you can rearrange the order of the cross pieces to get the rise higher or lower. The #06 Small Flap pet door may be adjusted to have a 3″ or 5″ step-over which is just as important to comfortably fitting the pet as are the width and height of the flap opening. The 3″ rise will have a 14″ maximum height at the withers of the pet door, while the 5″ rise will have a 16″ maximum height.

    More About the “Anti-Whoops” Height Adjustment
    You mis-measured your panel pet door! Don’t panic, you may be able to salvage the situation by using the “anti-whoops” feature to make your panel about 1″ taller. You use 1″ lumber to raise you panel slightly; or to make your panel slightly shorter you may trim the flanges that accept the height extension with a hacksaw.

    How will I lock up my house?
    The regular height Thermo Panel IIIe, Quick Panel III and Thermo Panel IIe Magnetic all incorporate a “C Clamp” type lock that mounts on the top track wall behind the sliding door. These locks, while very effective, do not require any tools to install.

    Another approach that can be used with all patio pet doors is to incorporated a “Charley Bar” either as the only lock or as a supplement to one of the above locking methods. The Charlie Bar is similar to the “broomstick in the track” idea but avoids the stooping and is adjustable. They may only be used with an inside track sliding glass door. One particular advantage of the Charlie Bar is that the pressure is applied near the center of the sliding glass door and the result is that you get more equal pressure and a better seal between the pet panel and the sliding glass door.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Patio Pacific
    Manufacturer Product No. 01PPC06S RW
    UPC 873653002338
    Flap Size #06 Small, 6″ (W) x 11″ (H)
    Flap Adjustment Rise Range 3″, 5″
    Flap Max. Height at Withers (with Rise)
    • 14″ with 3″ Rise
    • 16″ with 5″ Rise
    Overall Panel Width 11 1/4″
    Sliding Glass Door Height Range 93 1/4″ – 96 1/4″
    Glass Extra-heavy 3/16″ single pane tempered glass
    Finish White
    • Installation Guide
    • 1x – Panel Pet Door
    • 1x – Foam Weather Strip
    • 1x – Center Post Weather Seal Strip
    • 1x – Sliding Door Clamp
    • 1x – Installation Instructions
Price: $499.99

GreenField Direct ASV050 Automatic Security Valve for 1/2″ Pipe Connection

GreenField Direct ASV050 Automatic Security Valve for 1/2

  • By connecting the Automatic Security Valve to your Home Automation System, the water supply to your home or business can be controlled remotely giving you total control of your water supply home or away. This product also works great in conjunction with systems that already have water sensors, but lacks the ability to actively turn off the water supply. When combined with an automation system’s existing sensors, the Automatic Securty Valve can react fast before significant water damage can occur.

    Benefits of Use:

    • Fast opening and closing provides control of incoming water supply
    • Integrates with existing control systems and sensors
    • Provide 24 hours a day access to your water supply
    • Compatible with major brands of security systems
    • Significantly reduce water damage
    • Protect your home and business
    • Possible insurance discounts
    • Added property protection
    • Provides peace of mind
    • Conserves water

      The Automatic Security Valve is also available in the following sizes, each sold separately.
      ASV075 – 3/4 Inch Pipe Connection
      ASV100 – 1 Inch Pipe Connection
      ASV150 – 1 1/2 Inch Pipe Connection
      ASV200 – 2 Inch Pipe Connection

      Actuator Specs:

    • Housing ratings: NEMA 6P (waterproof), NEMA 7D (ignition proof)
    • PS100 Power Supply (Included)
    • UL listed
    • Power Supply Input: 100-240V ~50/60Hz 1.0A MAX
    • Power Supply Output: 18V 2.22A
    • Actuator provides feedback when the valve is open or closed
    • Power requirements are 12/24 volt DC or 24 volt AC
    • Extremely rugged high-torque electric actuator
    • Waterproof & Weatherproof, can be installed outside

      Valve Specs:

    • Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) Certification and National Plumbing Code of Canada (cUPC) Certification
    • Manufactured in compliance with ASME A112.18.1-2005 /CSA B125.1 2005
    • Manufactured in compliance with NSF/ANSI 61-2010a
    • Manufactured in compliance with Section 116875 of the California Health and Safety Code
    • Valves are pressure rated to 600 PSI (1″) & 1,000 PSI (1/2″ – 2″) at 70° F
    • ALL valves are equipped with a manual handle for emergency override
    • These valves are approved for use with water, oil, and gas applications
    • 316 stainless steel 3-piece construction, includes: body, ball, & stem
    • Approved for drinking water applications in all 50 states
    • Full port valves for maximum flow
    • Threads are FNPT

      Compatible Manufacturers:

    • Home Automation Inc. (HAI)
    • Digital Security Controls (DSC)
    • Honeywell
    • Interlogix (GE)
    • Visonic
    • George Risk Industries (GRI)
    • Elk Products, Inc.
    • Winland Electronics
    • Resolution Products
    • Secure Wireless
    • Tane Alarm Products
    • Flair Electronics

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer GreenField Direct
    Manufacturer Product No ASV050
    UPC 713757823616
    Valve Size 1/2 Inch
  • 1x – 1/2 Inch Automatic Security Valve
    1x – PS100 Power Supply
Price: $544.00