Fakro 68813 Manual Venting FV Home Skylight, 32×46 Inches and Quest Technologies HDI-9401 Single-Port HDMI Wall Plate with 90 Degree Female Adapter

Fakro 68813 Manual Venting FV Home Skylight, 32x46 Inches and Quest Technologies HDI-9401 Single-Port HDMI Wall Plate with 90 Degree Female Adapter

Fakro 68813 Manual Venting FV Home Skylight, 32×46 Inches

Fakro 68813 Manual Venting FV Home Skylight, 32x46 Inches

  • A room filled with natural sunlight just has a different, more relaxed feeling than that of those filled with electric incandescent, CFL, or LED lighting. Studies have even shown that natural sunlight can help aid with various types of anxiety disorders, such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which can arise in anyone as a result of not receiving enough sunlight. The addition of a Manual Venting FV Home Skylight from Fakro is a simple solution to adding more natural sunlight to just about any home. Installation of a Fakro Venting Skylight can be done in roughly an afternoon by an above average do-it-yourselfer, or trained professional, on a home with a roof pitch (angle) between 15° and 85&deg. The Venting Skylight can be opened/closed using the included control rod, and a mosquito screen allows the window to be left open during the day or night without fear that bugs will be able to come and go as they desire. It’s leak-proof (when closed) and has double-glazing so that it will let the light in while at the same time block out the heat. With a Venting Home Skylight owner’s should also see a reduction in their electric bill as the addition of more natural lighting will help cut down on the dependency for electric lighting. It will also help a home receive more natural airflow throughout the day and give warm air a place to escape through the roof helping to keep a home cool during the summertime. The FV Home Skylight is ideal for installation in areas where it is more sensible, or safer, to use natural light as opposed to electric lighting. Each Manual Venting Skylight includes an installation template to help ensure accurate cutting on the roof for the Skylight’s opening. Either an ELA or EH/A-A flashing (both sold separately) is needed for correct installation of the FV Manual Venting Skylight to provide protection against the elements and to ensure proper drainage away from the window. This Fakro Skylight is ENERGY STAR® qualified and comes with a 10 year warranty on the skylight, and 20 year warranty on the insulated glass unit.

    Flashings for Manual Venting Skylights
    ELA Flashing: For use with flat roofing materials such as shingles, flat tiles, double-lap roofing, tar boards, or slates.
    EH/A-A Flashing: For use with profiled roofing materials such as tiles, or corrugated metal sheets. This flashing has a wider and longer bottom to allow a tighter joint with the high profiled roofing material.

    Daylight Area per Skylight
    Skylight Size Square Feet of Daylight
    24″ x 27″ 2.50
    24″ x 38″ 3.86
    24″ x 46″ 4.84
    24″ x 55″ 5.91
    24″ x 70″ 7.87
    32″ x 38″ 5.58
    32″ x 46″ 7.00
    32″ x 55″ 8.55
    48″ x 27″ 5.84
    48″ x 46″ 11.32
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Fakro USA
    Manufacturer Product No. 68813
    UPC 5902411688134
    Dimensions 32in x 46in
    Weight 93 lbs
    Roof Angle Installation Range 15° to 85°
    Weatherproof Yes
    Roof Compatibility Flat and profiled
    U-Factor 0.43
    R-Factor 2.3
    SHGC 0.47
    Vt 0.62
    Low Emissions Coating Yes
    Inert Gas Filled Panes Yes
    Toughened Glass Yes
    Varnishing Twice
    Glazing Twice
    ENERGY STAR Qualified Yes
    Manufacturer Warranty 10 years on Skylight
    20 years on Insulated Glass Unit

    • 1x – Manual Venting FV Home Skylight, 32″x46″
    • 1x – Screws
    • 1x – Control rod
    • 1x – Mosquito/bug screen
    • 1x – Installation roof cutting template
    • 1x – Installation instructions
Price: $501.00

Quest Technologies HDI-9401 Single-Port HDMI Wall Plate with 90 Degree Female Adapter

Quest Technologies HDI-9401 Single-Port HDMI Wall Plate with 90 Degree Female Adapter

  • The Quest Technologies HDMI Wall Plate allows you terminate HDMI connections in the wall for a neat finish that protects your cable. It has a 90 degree feed-thru internal connector orientation that provides vertical cable drop or connection to minimize cable bend. Conveniently, the face plate is made to fit into any standard wall mounts so switching the plates is a snap. Your wall plate includes an inner and outer face plate, feed-thru connector and screws. The 90° functional design allows the cabling inside the wall space to run straight up or down, which reduces the chance for damaging the cable. The perfect plate for HDTV and home theater needs where organization is a must. The Quest Technologies Single-Port HDMI Wall Plate is also available as a Dual-Port Wall Plate, sold separately.


    • HDMI Monitors
    • Home Theaters
    • Multi-media Classrooms
    • ConferenceRrooms

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Quest Technologies
    Manufacturer Product No HDI-9401
    UPC 800118045265
    Outlet Size Single Gang
    Outlet Style Decorator Style
    Color White
    HDMI Ports One
    Space Between Mounting Holes 3.75 Inches
    High Definition Resolutions 1080p, 1080i, 720p, and Standard Video Output
    Computer Resolutions UXGA (1600×1200), SXGA (1280×1024)
    XGA (1024×768), SVGA (800×600), VGA (640×480)
    Also Supports HDMI Audio and Video
    Dimensions 2.75″ W x 0.25″ D x 4.50″ H
    Weight .14lbs
    Manufacturer Warranty One Year Limited Warranty
    • 1x – HDMI Wall Plate Socket with 1 HDMI Ports, White
    • 1x – White Trim Plate
    • 1x – 90° HDMI Female Adapters
    • 1x – User’s Manual
Price: $13.22

Uncaged Ergonomics Professional Silver WorkEZ Professional – Silver

Uncaged Ergonomics Professional Silver WorkEZ Professional - Silver

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Uncaged Ergonomics
    Manufacturer Product No. Professional Silver
    UPC 661799222952
    Dimensions L 19in x W 11in x H 2in
    Weight 3.3 lbs
    Adjustable Height Yes
    Adjustable Platform Yes, 0

    • Owner’s Manual
  • 1x – WorkEZ Professional – Silver
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Price: $49.46