Global Cache General IR Receiver and Schlage Nexia BE369NX CAM 505 Z-Wave Wireless Keypad Deadbolt, Bright Brass

Global Cache General IR Receiver and Schlage Nexia BE369NX CAM 505 Z-Wave Wireless Keypad Deadbolt, Bright Brass

Global Cache General IR Receiver

Global Cache General IR Receiver

  • Capture IR frequencies from 30KHz to 72KHz for use of IR commands on your home theater equipment or home automation network. The plasma- and fluorescent-friendly General IR Receiver plugs directly into the GC-IRE IR Extender to capture and digitize IR signals; the General IR Receiver can also operate within a Xantech or Xantech-compatible environment.
    Easy Installation

    Installation is made easy thanks to a 10-foot cable with a 3.5mm stereo jack. A blue LED located behind the front lens indicates receipt of an IR signal. No external power supply is required when used with the GC-IRE IR Extender.

  • Specifications

    Global Cachรฉ Product No.: GC-RG1
    UPC 810466010143
    Dimensions: Receiver: 3/4″ x 3/8″; cable: 10′
    IR Frequency Range: 30 KHz to 80 KHz
    Capture Distance: 26′ to 40′ (8m to 12m)
    Cable Connector: 3.5mm stereo jack
    IR Signal Indicator: Blue LED
    Viewing Angle: Left/right: 30 degrees; top/bottom: 10 degrees
    Power Requirements: 7V to 15V @ 3mA (no load)
    Output Impedance: 150 Ohms
    Warranty: 1 year limited

    • Receiver
    • Adhesive
    • Instructions
Price: $51.86

Schlage Nexia BE369NX CAM 505 Z-Wave Wireless Keypad Deadbolt, Bright Brass

Schlage Nexia BE369NX CAM 505 Z-Wave Wireless Keypad Deadbolt, Bright Brass

  • It used to be that all a lock could do was keep people out. Nexia Home Intelligence and Schlage are working together to give you more control over who’s getting in, and when. Nexia and a Schlage Home Keypad Deadbolt Lock give you the ability to monitor and manage who’s accessing your lock, by using assigned codes for housekeepers, service staff or a babysitter. Set Nexia to notify you when a certain teenager gets home with a quick text or email alert. Nexia smart home technology and Schlage help you strengthen home security with America’s most trusted lock and convenient remote access from most web-accessible computers, tablets or smart phones.

    A Schlage Home Keypad Deadbolt makes it easy for you to know who’s coming and going in your house. Entry codes help you control traffic and improve your sense of security when you’re not there. Use Nexia Home Intelligence and Schlage to keep tabs on the front door or check to make sure you locked up the house when you left for work.

    With Nexia Home Intelligence and a Schlage Home Keypad Deadbolt you can:

    • Grant entry to your home from anywhere when you need to let someone in but can’t get there.
    • Assign up to 19 private four-digit codes for family members to use at the door.
    • Set Nexia to send you instant text or email alerts when certain family members use their codes, so you always know who’s home.
    • Set a recurring code to let someone like a housekeeper in every week during a specific timeframe, or set up a one-time code for a guest you want to let in for a set time period.
    • Add, delete or change user codes remotely.
    • Confirm the status of your wireless lock anytime, from most web-connected computers, tablets or smart phones.
    • Not at home and need to let someone in right now? You can activate your deadbolt lock using your Nexia subscription; however, deadbolt requires manually turning the bolt to lock and unlock the door when activated remotely.
    • Please Note: In order to properly work Nexia Home Intelligence products require a Nexia Bridge (or former Schlage LiNK Bridge) sold separately. The bridge connects your Nexia Home Intelligence Z-Wave components to your router, which in-turn allows you to control them. If you already have a bridge this product can be simply integrated into your existing network. It is important to note that this product will only work on Schlage’s Nexia Home Intelligence system.

      Additional Note: Remote management directly from your mobile device or computer with Nexia Home Intelligence requires a monthly subscription of $8.99 which can be activated with the manufacturer at any time upon setup of product. This standard subscription plan is really the best way to truly automate every aspect of your home and provides you with the most flexibility to run your home from wherever.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Schlage
    Manufacturer Product No. BE369NX CAM 505
    UPC 043156295982
    Dimensions 5.42″ H x 3.17″ W x 2.18″ D
    Weight 5.8 pounds
    Keying 5 pin tumbler C keyway with 2 nickel silver keys
    Door Range 1.375″ to 1.75″ (35mm-44mm) standard
    Backset Size Universal latches and deadbolts fit 2.375″ (60mm) or 2.75″ (70mm) backset
    Security 128 bit AES encryption
    Communication Z-Wave, FCC certified
    Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime limited mechanical and 1 year limited electronics warranty
    • Owner’s Manual
    • Installation Guide (for Doors with Existing Holes)
    • Installation Guide (for Doors without Existing Holes)
    • 1x – Schlage Nexia Z-Wave Wireless Keypad Deadbolt
Price: $199.99

OnQ legrand HA5010-WH 7 Inch LCD Console With High Performance LyriQ in Studio Design – White

OnQ legrand HA5010-WH 7 Inch LCD Console With High Performance LyriQ in Studio Design - White

  • This OnQ legrand HA5010-WH 7″ LCD Console features a high resolution screen and can handle up to four video inputs, in addition to on-board sequencing of camera images. It mounts in a standard triple gang box and installs easily via Cat 5 wiring and a convenient RJ45 connection. The LCD is the perfect way to monitor the front door or nursery from any room in the house. When connected to an LCD Module and Camera Module, you will be able to view all the cameras on your property.

    The LCD Console brings the Unity Home System to life for the user. It features a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) that allows control of camera, multi-room audio, intercom, and messaging functions. The User Interface allows you to interface with and control your Unity Home System. It functions as an intercom station to call the kids to dinner, view all of the cameras on your property, and leave a voice message for your husband to retrieve after work, all without ever leaving your kitchen. The LCD Console integrates with the Unity Home System via the HA6001 Integration Module. Add up to two LCD Consoles or mix and match with the TV Display Interface to view on any TV.

    The lyriQ feature means the LCD Console can control your local speakers through the lyriQ audio system. The Standard will control up to 20W per channel.

    The LCD Console is available in four attractive colors: Light Almond, Titanium, and Black. An LCD Console with standard lyriQ (7W per channel) is also available in White, Light Almond, Titanium, and Black.

    • Manufacturer: Legrand
    • Product number: HA5010-WH
    • Dimensions: 7″H x 7.5″W
Price: $749.40