Lutron MS-VPS5M-IV Maestro 600-Watt Single Pole / 3-Way Vacancy Sensor Switch, Ivory and Leviton 689-E 1-Gang Recessed Duplex Receptacle – Ebony

Lutron MS-VPS5M-IV Maestro 600-Watt Single Pole / 3-Way Vacancy Sensor Switch, Ivory and Leviton 689-E 1-Gang Recessed Duplex Receptacle - Ebony

Lutron MS-VPS5M-IV Maestro 600-Watt Single Pole / 3-Way Vacancy Sensor Switch, Ivory

Lutron MS-VPS5M-IV Maestro 600-Watt Single Pole / 3-Way Vacancy Sensor Switch, Ivory

  • This simple and easy, low cost solution for sensor based lighting/appliance control, is a great way to bring automation into your home. Avoid the frustration of having lights left on in areas like bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms (commonly leaving with your hands full), closets, garages, or any room children frequently enter. Lutron has created an appealing and reliable sensor based in-wall control perfect for those who do not want to fuss with difficult programming, and do not want to worry about which type of bulb will be compatible with their switch. Use this device with incandescent, halogen, CFLs, LEDs, magnetic low voltage, electronic low voltage, and linear fluorescents. This compatibility simplifies the selection process while purchasing new bulbs and allows you to use whatever is available if you don’t have an extra of your favorite, when it burns out. This feature also allows you to remain worry free when it comes to government regulations on lighting; with this switch, you will be able to use whatever is suggested.

    Occupancy and Vacancy sensors save energy by performing two different functions. Occupancy sensors will automatically turn the attached load “On” when motion is detected, and “Off” when the room is no longer occupied; these are capable of being configured for Occupancy or vacancy mode. Vacancy sensors will automatically turn the attached load “Off” when the room is no longer occupied, but the load must be turned “On” manually; these have no other options for operation.

    Also avialable in: White, Light Almond, and Almond.

    For lower wattage single pole applications see the Maestro 250-Watt Vacancy Sensor available in White, Ivory, Almond, and Light Almond.

    The Clean look and feel of these Maestro Sensors offer seamless integration with the other Maestro controls and easily match existing home themes. The sleek and unobtrusive built-in Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor is very compact, overcoming objections with the typical bulky sensor. Using Lutron’s advanced XCT technology, this sensor provides the most reliable On/Off performance up to 30 feet. No one sensor can offer the same percentage of reliability while still providing such a great look. XCT technology will eliminate interference created with background motion, helping to avoid false triggers that will turn the lights ‘On” unnecessarily. False triggering of the “On” function is also avoided by Ambient Light Detection. This photo cell feature will override the detection of motion if there is enough ambient light already available. False triggers that can turn the lights “Off” unnecessarily are avoided through Fine Motion Detection. This feature determines whether the room is truly unoccupied by noticing the slightest movements, even while the user is sitting.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Lutron
    Manufacturer Product No. MS-VPS5M-IV
    UPC 027557983693

    • 1x – MS-VPS5M-IV Maestro 600-Watt Single Pole / 3-Way Vacancy Sensor Switch, Ivory
    • 1x – Installation Guide
Price: $25.88

Leviton 689-E 1-Gang Recessed Duplex Receptacle – Ebony

Leviton 689-E 1-Gang Recessed Duplex Receptacle - Ebony

  • This recessed device offers the sleekest solution for home and office installations. The duplex receptacle installs in-wall, giving you the luxury of mounting your TV or monitor as close to the wall as possible. Up to two components can be powered with this receptacle and keeps plug unobtrusive behind your display or entertainment center. A wallplate is built-into the receptacle for added convenience and style.

    This product is also available in ivory, light almond, and white, each sold separately.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Leviton
    Manufacturer Product No. 689-E
    UPC 078477312827
    Power 15A/125VAC
    Outlets NEMA 5-15R
    • Installation Guide
    • 1x – Single-Gang Duplex Receptacle
    • Mounting hardware
Price: $10.86

SoapTime STABB ABC on Base

SoapTime STABB ABC on Base

  • Think about all the things a child’s hands touch over the course of the day. Now think about how often a child rubs their hands on their face, puts them in their mouth or touches things around your home that you also regularly touch. It’s no wonder why people get sick so often if you think about it. The easiest way to curb this is by washing your hands regularly and doing so for at least 20 seconds. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that washing your hands for at least 20 seconds is the easiest way to keep oneself from both getting sick and spreading germs. To help aide in teaching this healthy habit SoapTime® has created the SoapTime ABC on Base to help teach children the proper amount of time to suds their hands while washing.

    SoapTime has taken in to account that most children probably don’t have the attention spans for something like regular hand washing which is why they have made it a multimedia learning experience. The way this works is that when the ABC soap bottle is snapped on to the included Smart Base® and then depressed to give out soap the 20 second hand washing experience will begin. Once the head of the soap is pushed down it will light up for 20 seconds and when it stops the user will know that they have washed their hands for the proper amount of time. Along with this the Smart Base has 6 unique songs it will shuffle between as well as teaching its users how to say “hello and goodbye” in Spanish, French and Chinese. However, if the music gets to be a little too much a volume switch on the base can turn off the music leaving simply the soap bottle to display its LED light show for 20 seconds.

    The included ABC soap bottle contains citrus scented, non-toxic, orange soap. The base is powered by 3 AAA batteries which are included with the base and should last for up to 2500 wash cycles.

    Also available from SoapTime are Earth on Base, Elephant on Base and SquidSoap.

    Hands On Research
    I have two boys (2 and 6) and getting either of them to wash their hands regularly was always an exercise in futility. After bringing the SoapTime in to the bathroom both kids were very curious about it, I asked my six year old to put some soap on his hand and as the lights started flashing and music started playing he got very excited. My 2 year old of course started screaming that it was his turn to wash. We have had the product for a few months now and both of them will go out of their way to wash up, I don’t even have to ask any longer. I also love the feature that you can turn off the sound and just have the lights flashing for when guests are over. I have been very happy with the product and my kid’s hands have never been cleaner.
    Jim M. – Smarthome Product Testing

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Crowley Jones
    Manufacturer Product No. STABB
    UPC 858383920022
    Dimensions L 3.75in x W 3.75in x H 8.50in
    Weight 0.63 lbs
    Soap Bottle 8.4 FL OZ / 250 ML
    Soap Non-toxic and citrus scented
    LED Light Show Length 20 seconds
    Multimedia Length 20 seconds
    On/Off Switch for Multimedia Yes
    Unique Songs and Factoids 6 for each different soap bottle
    Power Source 3, AAA batteries which will last up to 2500 wash cycles
    Manufacturer Warranty 1 year limited
    • 1x – ABC soap bottle
    • 1x – Smart Base
    • 3x – AAA batteries
Price: $9.99