NuVo Technologies Essentia EG6 6-Source, 6-zone Audio Distribution System and Calrad Electronics 28-151G 4 Pin Gold Plated Mini DIN Feed Thru Jack Insert – White

NuVo Technologies Essentia EG6 6-Source, 6-zone Audio Distribution System and Calrad Electronics 28-151G 4 Pin Gold Plated Mini DIN Feed Thru Jack Insert - White

NuVo Technologies Essentia EG6 6-Source, 6-zone Audio Distribution System

NuVo Technologies Essentia EG6 6-Source, 6-zone Audio Distribution System

  • The NuVo Essentia EG6 is the ideal choice for a premiere whole-house audio distribution system at an affordable price. It can deliver remarkably clear sound from up to six different audio sources out to six different listening zones, at up to 40 Watts per zone. With each zone able to listen to the same source or different sources at the same time, the Essentia is flexible enough to meet the diverse taste and lifestyle of each family member. The new control pad interface has a flush mount design, pressure sensitive tactile buttons and an OLED display that provided full metadata feedback for each zone. Additionally, the keypads are water resistant, so they can be used in certain outdoor applications. The NuVo Essentia Audio Distribution System gives you the power of choice, blending the advanced technology of superior home sound with the simplicity of a user-friendly design, all at a price that’s easy to live with. Home never sounded so good!

    With the addition of speakers, wire, and audio source equipment, all sold separately, you can enjoy the power of the NuVo Essentia EG6 in no time.

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    Expandable System

    For large homes or applications, the NuVo Essentia EG6 can be expanded from six zones to 12 zones. This requires the addition of a NuVo Essentia EG6 Expander, which includes a zone controller/amplifier for six additional zones. NuVo Essentia single gang OLED control pads can be added to the Expander, depending on how many zones (up to six) you wish to add. The NuVo Essentia EG6 Expander and the NuVo Essentia single gang OLED control pads are sold separately.

    Control System Locally With Wall-Mounted Touch Pads

    You won’t need to run to the main system every time you want to change the volume or source of a zone. With the new OLED control pad, you can manually change the volume or source you want to hear, directly from the zone it controls. You can browse by station, play list, track, artist, album, or genre, as all of the audio information displays what’s playing when it’s playing. Each keypad has a built-in infrared receiver, offering the option of using an IR remote as well.

    Play Your iPod Through Your NuVo Essentia EG6

    Install the Remote iPod Dock almost anywhere in your house and you’ll be able to call up, browse and control your iPod instantly from the backlit display of any of the control pads connected to your NuVo Grand Concerto whole-house audio system.

    Music Server & AM/FM/Weather/XM Satellite Tuners Available

    Take your Essentia EG6 to the next level by adding NuVo’s smart components, which provide full display feedback and control of connected sources through each Essentia OLED Control Pad. Add the M3 Music Server to play your entire music library on a Windows Media Player-based 160GB hard drive that can sync with your PC. Add a dual tuner (sold separately) to the Grand Concerto audio distribution system, and you’ll have a complete dual AM/FM/Weather tuner, an AM/FM/Weather and XM Satellite radio tuner, or a dual XM satellite radio tuner along with an auxiliary source distribution throughout your home. These tuners feature Radio Data Service (RDS), displaying artist and song information on your Essentia OLED Pad. You can even control up to three of these tuners from any room in the house using a Remote Control for NuVo Tuners (sold separately). These IR remotes send signals through the integrated IR receivers in the connected keypads.

    This product has been awarded the ENERGY STAR.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: NuVo
    Manufacturer Product No.: NV-E6GMS-DC
    Dimensions: 1 3/4″ H x 17″ W x 9 7/8″ D
    Weight: 16.5 lbs. (8.6kg)
    Sources: 6
    Source Input Impedance: 20k
    Source Input Sensitivity for Rated Power: 300mV RMS
    Source Input Overload: 3V RMS
    Zones: 6
    Continuous Average Output Power: 40W (20W x 2)
    Power Amplifier Rated Impedance: 6 Ohms
    Power Amplifier Damping Factor: 50+
    Power Amplifier Frequency Response: 20-20kHz
    Preamplifier Outputs Variable Output: 0-2.4V
    Preamplifier Outputs Fixed Output: 2.4V
    Preamplifier Outputs Impedance: 1k Ohms
    IR Emitter Outputs: 6
    IR Emitter Sum Outputs: 1
    Output Drive Current: 20mA
    Output Drive Voltage: 5V
    Power Requirements: 85-265VAC 50/60Hz
    Power Consumption: 150VA (150W) all channels driven to full-rated power; 70VA (70W) average operating conditions; 18VA (12W) no signal; Standby 0.8 W
    Output Power: 5V @ 20mA
    Approvals: UL, Energy Star Compliant

    • NuVo Essentia EG6 Main Amplifier
    • Six NuVo Essentia OLED decora style control pads with white, ivory, almond and black screwless trim plates
    • Remote Control
    • Six visible IR emitters
    • Main Allport connection hub
    • Essentia Allport Cable
    • 10 foot network cable
    • Rack ear mounts
    • IEC 2 wire Power Cable
    • Product Manual
Price: $2,625.00

Calrad Electronics 28-151G 4 Pin Gold Plated Mini DIN Feed Thru Jack Insert – White

Calrad Electronics 28-151G 4 Pin Gold Plated Mini DIN Feed Thru Jack Insert - White

  • This Decora-style insert plate from Calrad Electronics is ideal for use with security cameras and computer components that require a 4-pin connection. Some security systems require the use of a 4-pin connection and the use of this wall plate insert finished with a Decora-style wall plate will make your installation look custom and professional. Wall plate sold separately. The 4 Pin Mini Din Connector is gold plated for the best connectivity.

    The Calrad Electronics 4 Pin Gold Plated Mini Din Jack Instert is also available with a Nickel Plated Finish or with Dual Gold Plated Connectors, each sold separately.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Calrad Electronics
    Manufacturer Product No. 28-151G
    UPC 601520211510
    Connector Material Gold Plated
    Insert Style Decora-style
    Connector 4 Pin Mini DIN
    Color White
    • 1x – 4 Pin Mini DIN Feed Thru Jack Insert – White
    • 1x – Mounting Hardware
Price: $11.45

FREEVOLVE housEvolve Water Shut-off Valve, 1/2 Inch

FREEVOLVE housEvolve Water Shut-off Valve, 1/2 Inch

  • Electrically actuated water shut-off valve for use with the housEvolve Water Presence Detector. Each water detector can control up to 2 shut-off valves.

    In stand-alone mode, the detector will automatically shut off the water valves it is connected to if water is detected at any of its sensors.

    In a housEvolve system, the Main Controller can be instructed to shut off all valves in the system, regardless of which detector they connect to, when any Water Presence Sensors detect water.

    The valves may be turned on or off remotely by phone. (Note that this control ability is global: all valves in the system will either turn off or on there is no individual valve access).

    The valves can also manually Open or Close locally by pressing the OPEN or CLOSE buttons.

    Valves are available in 3/4in, 1/2in., and 1in. sizes.

Price: $175.00