NuVo Technologies NV-RVZA50S Zone Amplifier, 50 Watt and Techflex CCP0.13BK Flexo Clean Cut 1/8-Inch Braided Cable Sleeve, Black – 100 Feet

NuVo Technologies NV-RVZA50S Zone Amplifier, 50 Watt and Techflex CCP0.13BK Flexo Clean Cut 1/8-Inch Braided Cable Sleeve, Black - 100 Feet

NuVo Technologies NV-RVZA50S Zone Amplifier, 50 Watt

NuVo Technologies NV-RVZA50S Zone Amplifier, 50 Watt

  • The Renovia 50 Watt Zone Amplifier is designed to be used with the Renovia Retrofit Whole Home Audio Distribution System. One amplifier is required for each zone. A power supply is included.

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    NuVo’s retrofit solution is the ultimate in flexibility and audio freedom. Combining reliable technology with an unprecedented simplicity, Renovia is a whole home audio system that promises sophisticated sound incorporated almost invisibly into a home’s architecture, without a disruptive installation.

    Using the home’s existing power lines to distribute audio to up to 8 zones, each Renovia system is comprised of a Source Hub and an unobtrusive in-wall Zone Amplifier for each intended zone. The Source Hub, complete with a built-in dual AM/FM/SIRIUS-Ready tuner, centralizes the system’s six audio sources and can be easily stored out of sight.

    The system works seamlessly with an extensive selection of sources, including legacy devices and NuVo’s Music Port for access to a whole world of music, as well as Renovia’s own NuVoDock for iPod. Managing the system from a variety of NuVo’s attractive control options is intuitive and uncomplicated.

    With Renovia, experience music anywhere in your home, any way that you want.

Price: $349.00

Techflex CCP0.13BK Flexo Clean Cut 1/8-Inch Braided Cable Sleeve, Black – 100 Feet

Techflex CCP0.13BK Flexo Clean Cut 1/8-Inch Braided Cable Sleeve, Black - 100 Feet

  • The Techflex Flexo Clean Cut Braided Cable Sleeve is a simple cable management solution that is both attractive and easy to use. The braided, expandable sleeving is an exceptionally durable, highly reliable solution ideal for use in the organization, wrap and protection of a wide assortment of wires and cables in a vast array of applications. It is manufactured with tightly braided polyethylene terepthalate filaments into a robust expandable braided sleeve. Typical applications for this lightweight product is to jacket and protect wire and cable assemblies, wire harnesses, as well as a broad range of other commonly used industrial hoses. It can be effectively used in even the most extreme of environments and is capable of easily withstanding temperatures of up to 257ยฐ F!

    More about the Flexo Clean Cut line of Braided Sleeves from Techflex:
    By adjusting the physical characteristics of the polyethylene terepthalate filaments, the engineers at Techflex have produced a product with the same specifications of the Flexo PET (PT) braided sleeves (sold separately) with the unique advantage of being able to cut the material with ordinary scissors and still maintain an extraordinarily fray-resistant end.

    Flexo Clean Cut (CC) is ideal for both DIY home use and for field installers. CC’s fray-resistant properties allow frequent expansion at the cut-end without unraveling. Cuts easily and neatly with regular scissors and maintains a fray resistant end during installation. When scissor cut, the end of Clean Cut will withstand heavier handling without fraying than standard PT. When cut with a hot knife (sold separately), CC produces a virtually frayless end. Clean Cut sets the highest standard for uncoated fray resistance sleeving products.

    Though this braided sleeve can be cut with scissors, using a hot knife gives a more professional look and fuses loose fibers to prevent fraying. See the Techflex Bench Mount Hot Knife or Techflex Hand Held Hot Knife for a truly pro finish on your sleeving installation.

    Complete List of Flexo Clean Cut Fray-Resistant Braided Wire and Cable Sleeves:

    • Black
      • 1 1/2″ – 25 Foot or 50 Foot
      • 1 1/4″ – 25 Foot or 50 Foot
      • 1″ – 25 Foot or 50 Foot
      • 3/4″ – 25 Foot or 75 Foot
      • 1/2″ – 25 Foot or 100 Foot
      • 3/8″ – 25 Foot or 100 Foot
      • 1/4″ – 25 Foot or 100 Foot
      • 1/8″ – 25 Foot or 100 Foot

  • Material: Polyethylene Terepthalate
    Grade: CCP
    Monofilament Diameter: .008
    Temperature Range: -94ยฐ F to 257ยฐ F
    Melt Temperature: 482ยฐ F
    Flammability Rating: UL94
    Recommended Cutting: Scissor/HK
    Wall Thickness: .024
    Abrasion Resistance: Medium
  • 1x – Flexo Clean Cut Braided Cable Sleeve
Price: $19.44

Wireless Switch For AAA

Wireless Switch For AAA

  • If you have an AAA+ Home Smart Center set up in your home for wireless security, you can also easily use its control panel to turn lights, fans and small appliances on and off with the push of a button. The Wireless Switch for AAA+ is a convenient plug-in module that requires no wiring. Plug a lamp or fan into the module, and you’ll be able to send it a signal from the control panel to turn it on or off. You can even set it up to turn on automatically if triggered by another sensor set up in your home! The AAA+ Home Smart Center home security system is sold separately.

    Connect up to five Wireless Switches to the AAA+ Home Smart Center. Once a module is connected to the AAA+ Home Smart Center security system, you’ll be able to control it using a button on the control panel. This two-way module will signal the control panel that it has received the command and performed the task, as well, so you’ll be able to tell by looking at the control panel if the light is on. You’ll also be able to turn the connected light on and off remotely using any touchtone phone by calling into the system or if the system calls you in the event of a triggered alert.

    If a sensor is triggered, you can also program the control panel to transmit a signal to activate one or more Wireless Switches. Use this feature to turn lights on when you open the front door.

    For larger homes or for remote sensors, adding a wireless signal booster/repeater is a good way to add reliability to the system, so you’ll be sure to receive an alert the moment your home is breached.

  • Specifications

    Skylink Product No.: SW-100R
    UPC: 623459400759
    Dimensions: 3 1/8″ x 2 1/4″ x 1 1/4″
    Maximum Input: 120V AC 60Hz
    Maximum Resistive Load: 8A (960W)
    Maximum Incandescent Load: 300 watts
    Maximum Motor Load: 1/3 HP
    Maximum Modules: 5
    Approvals: FCC/IC approved; CE mark; ETL listed
    Warranty: 1 year, limited

    • Wireless Switch
    • Instructions
Price: $28.95