Single Zone Processor Board and NightWatcher NW300WH Robotic Halogen Security Light with Alarm – White

Single Zone Processor Board and NightWatcher NW300WH Robotic Halogen Security Light with Alarm - White

Single Zone Processor Board

Single Zone Processor Board

  • To operate the Enhanced Presence Sensors (#790901), you’ll need a processor board. This 1 Zone Processor Board analyzes the floor flexing and responds by activating a corresponding normally open or normally closed Form “C” relay. The processor consists of a printed circuit board and will need an enclosure for protection and a 12VDC power supply (each sold separately).

    This board can accomodate up to 4 Enhanced Presence Sensors. We also offer a larger processor board (#790912) that accomodates up to 12 sensors.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Sure Action Inc.
    Manufacturer Product No.: 313
    Power Requirements: 12VDC
    Current Consumption: 16 mA per zone (stable)
    4 mA per zone (alarm)
    Output: Form “C” relay
    Rated at 24VAC @ 1 Amp
    Relay Duration: Approximately 4 second momentary
    Maximum Sensors: 4 #790901 Enhanced Sensors
    Physical Dimensions: 2.0″ W x 2.25″ L x 1.0″ H
    • Three Zone Processor Board – 111
Price: $55.42

NightWatcher NW300WH Robotic Halogen Security Light with Alarm – White

NightWatcher NW300WH Robotic Halogen Security Light with Alarm - White

  • The NightWatcher NW300WH Robotic Halogen Security Light with Alarm is a patent pending motion tracking feature built into a PIR lamp that comes with a portable alarm. The NightWatcher detects an intruder’s motion within the field of vision of the PIR and points the lamp directly at the intruder. As the intruder moves across the PIR field of vision, the motorized NightWatcher lamp head takes aim and follows. Each time motion is detected, the light will turn on for 3 minutes and point in the direction of the motion. The indoor wireless alarm receives a signal and alerts you each time the light is activated. Active coverage area up to 10 meters, the Night Watcher has full detection range of 220 degrees. Programmable functions for all day or night only activation.

    Smarthome does not accept defective returns for this product. You will need to contact the Manufacturer (or Supplier) directly for all warranty issues.

Price: $107.40

Einstein ET-1200UL Remote Stimulation E-Collar, One Mile Range

Einstein ET-1200UL Remote Stimulation E-Collar, One Mile Range

  • Training your dog is challenging and instilling discipline and correction can be an exhausting experience for both you and your happy-tail-wagging-friend. Einstein makes it easy and safe with their ET-1200UL E-Collar, a durable wireless electronic e-collar which acts as a tool to help reinforce commands your dog has already learned. The ET-1200UL is designed specifically for hunters with its bright neon safety orange color. From the included accessories and controller to the e-collar and foam lined case, the entirety of the ET-1200UL kit reflects pure quality. The controller is well thought out and is designed to be ergonomic, fitting right in the palm of your hand allowing your fingers to easily access and adjust the multiple functions which have been integrated into the remote.

    The e-collar weighs in at about .44 pounds (7.1 oz.), while the controller comes in at .27 pounds (4.3 oz.), easily supporting dogs 20 pounds and up. A convenient lanyard is included with the kit so the controller can hang around your neck for easy reach. Featuring up to a one mile range, the ET-1200UL also provides many other technological features that include COS (control of stimulation) technology, which is a very clean, fully adjustable (0-100 range) electronic stimulation that prevents the kind of head jerking brought on by other electronic collars. There are two methods of training: Continuous correction and Momentary correction. When the “C” button is pressed on the controller, a continuous pulsating streaming of electronic shock is delivered and when “M” is pressed, a quick-momentary electronic shock is delivered. Settings can be locked into place by pushing down the stimulation adjustment knob. When both “C” and “M” buttons are pressed together in unison, the e-collar will send a boosted stimulation that is 25 levels higher than the current set level. This function allows for a quick response during training sessions. When the “T” button is pressed, an audible warning tone is administered. When the “T” brand is held for more than 1.25 seconds, an audible warning tone is administered followed by electronic correction. This feature encourages further discipline during training sessions.

    The e-collar unit also provides an onboard LED status light that can also operate as a blinking or continuous nightlight. In addition, the ET-1200UL is waterproof up to 500 feet, shock resistant to 5000Gs, and is rechargeable requiring no changing of batteries. Electronic correction as well as the audible tone and nightlight can all be activated wirelessly from up to one mile, making it ideal for large properties and broad rural areas. The ET-1200UL is a complete kit and features accessories such as interchangeable contact points (5/8 inch and 3/4 inch lengths), an LED test light for contact point testing, a contact point removal tool, and a lanyard. The collar itself is made of Biothane and can be easily trimmed with scissors to custom fit your dog.

    Einstein encourages that high levels of stimulation only be used as a last resort and in life-threatening situations. The ET-1200UL E-collar should not be worn for more than 12 hours per day due to skin irritation. It is recommended to recharge the ET-1200UL every six months when not in use. On average, most dogs first react to stimulation between levels 15 and 40. Though the range of the ET-1200UL is up to one mile, it can vary depending on interferences between the controller and the receiver.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Einstein
    Manufacturer Product No. ET-1200UL
    UPC 855092003145
    Dog Size 20 lbs. and Larger
    Range Up to One Mile
    Waterproof Yes, up to 500 Feet
    Shock Resistant Yes, up to 5000Gs
    Number of Adjustable Levels 100
    Onboard Nightlight Yes
    Warning Tone Yes
    Vibration No
    Training Modes Continuous/Momentary/Tapping Sensation
    Dimensions and Weight
    Collar Receiver 2.7″ x 1.7″ x 1.2″ – 4 oz.
    Biothane Collar Strap 1″ x 30″ – 3.1 oz. (Can be cut to size)
    Floating Remote 2.75″ x 1.29″ – 4.3 oz.
    • Owner’s Manual
    • 1x – Waterproof Collar Receiver
    • 1x – Waterproof/Floating Remote
    • 1x – 1 Inch x 30 Inch Biothane Collar (Can be cut to size)
    • 2x – Contact Points (5/8 inch and 3/4 inch)
    • 1x – Contact Point Removal Tool
    • 1x – Dual Battery Charger (120V/220V)
    • 1x – Lanyard for the Remote
    • 1x – Contact Point Test LED
    • 1x – Carrying Case
    • 1x – Owner’s Manual with Training Tips
Price: $259.99