Somfy Telis 4 Modulis RTS Pure with Scroll Wheel – Pure and Protected Home FA-700 FreezeAlarm Dialer

Somfy Telis 4 Modulis RTS Pure with Scroll Wheel - Pure and Protected Home FA-700 FreezeAlarm Dialer

Somfy Telis 4 Modulis RTS Pure with Scroll Wheel – Pure

Somfy Telis 4 Modulis RTS Pure with Scroll Wheel - Pure

  • The Somfy 1810663 Telis 4 Modulis RTS Pure with Scroll Wheel offers convenient push button control for 5 window coverings or 5 groups of window coverings. Up, down and stop functions as well as “my” favorite position. The “my” button acts as a stop button when the shade is in motion. When the shade is stopped, the “my” button brings it to the programmed favorite position. The Telis Modulis RTS Remote also has a scrool wheel for precise tilting of blind slats. Telis RTS hand-held remotes easily mount on the wall with a convenient hanger pin or can be placed on tabletop with a holder. The channel LEDs will indicate which group is currently being controller. All 4 LEDs will illuminate when the fifth channel is active.

    From now on you will not have to get up from watching a movie or working on the computer just to close the blinds. With the signal press of a button you can open or close any blinds. You can even use the “my” button to return to your favorite setting on the blinds.

    About Sonesse 30
    The award winning Sonesse 30 range is putting window coverings in motion with ultra-quiet precision. The motors are engineered with superior noise reduction technology and from a distance of 3 feet, are barely heard. The compact, low profile Sonesse 30 motor is designed for tubes as small as 1.5″ in diameter and is easily concealed within head rails, cassette systems or smaller pocket sizes. The motors are available with built-in Radio Technology Somfy R and also feature speed regulation for precise alignment of adjacent shades. Compatible Somfy RTS products:

    Chronis Comfort RTS Timer – Set Timers to Control Somfy RTS Motorized Shades
    • 1 Channel Timer
      Telis Remote – Control Somfy RTS Shades from this Convenient 1 or 5 Channel Remote
      • Available in 1 Channel Silver, Patio, and Lounge or 5 Channel Silver, Patio, and Lounge.
        Telis Composio Remote – Control Somfy RTS Shades from this Convenient 20 Channel Remote
        • Available in Lounge.
          Telis Modulis Remote – Control Somfy RTS Shades from this Convenient Remote with Scroll Wheel
          • Available in 1 Channel Pure, Silver, and Lounge or 5 Channel Pure, Silver, and Lounge.
            Telis Impresario Chronis Remote – Control Somfy RTS Shades from this Convenient Remote with Timer
            • Available in Lounge.
              DecoFlex Wall Switch – Control Somfy RTS Shades from this Convenient Wall Switch
              • Available in 1 channel, 2 channel, 3 channel, 4 channel, or 5 channel.
                Tabletop Accessory – Convert DecoFlex Wall Switches to a Tabletop Remote
                • Available in Black or Silver.
                  Sunis Accessory – Open and Close Window Coverings Based on Sun Light and/or Temperature
                  • Sun Senor or Sun Sensor with Temperature.

    • Owner’s Manual
Price: $158.08

Protected Home FA-700 FreezeAlarm Dialer

Protected Home FA-700 FreezeAlarm Dialer

  • The Protected Home FA-700 FreezeAlarm Dialer offers a cost effective way to protect your home, cabin or business against winter freeze up and the resulting water damage caused by frozen, burst pipes. The FreezeAlarm Dialer automatically calls out to a pre-programmed telephone number if the temperature drops below 45°F (7°C). Additionally, the FreezeAlarm Dialer can be set to alarm if the temperature rises above 85°F (29°C). The Dialer continues to call until the alarm is acknowledged – calls every 15 minutes or every 2 hours (user selectable). Operates during a power failure* (uses 2 AA batteries for back-up power – not included). Calls out to warn if the backup batteries are low and need replacing. Uses existing telephone line, DSL or VOIP phone connections, and Works flawlessly with answering machines or voice mail systems. Use for computer rooms, greenhouses, second homes or business.
Price: $55.95

Barska AX11556 Top Opening Biometric Drawer Safe

Barska AX11556 Top Opening Biometric Drawer Safe

  • The new quick access biometric top opening drawer safe by Barska features a new dual hydraulic pressurized hinge system. Barska biometric safes are well known for their quick access fingerprint scanning optical technology. This new dual hydraulic hinge allows for quick secure access to your valuables. The reinforced motorized dead bolt safe door can be effortlessly opened with one finger. The dual pressurized hydraulics insure that the solid safe door wont slam shut on your fingers. This standard size drawer safe is a perfect fit for your dresser drawer at home and in your office desk at work. Not limited to being stored away in a drawer the Barska top access safe can be mounted to any flat surface.

    Need to give access to multiple users? The Barska quick access biometric drawer safe can store up to 30 different fingerprints. In an office environment you may need to have a few top level managers have access to important documents, petty cash and incase of emergency a handgun for protection. At home keeping your valuables in a secure space is a must, but in a home with young children keeping firearms in a safe place is the law. You can grant access to only the adults in your family to ensure your children dont access your firearms. Careless access to your firearms can have dangerous consequences, be a reasonable handgun owner with Barska’s new top access safe. When it comes to home defense quick access to your firearms will keep you well protected but many handgun owners dont keep a gun at their side when at home and many break-ins happen at night. When awakened by an intruder in the middle of the night the last thing you want to do is look around for your safe keys in the dark or remember a complex combination. With the Barska biometric safe you can go directly to your firearms and have access to them in three seconds with the simple scan of your fin

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Barska
    Manufacturer Product No. AX11556
    UPC 790272982219
    Body Material Steel
    Weight 21 lbs
    Outer Size 14.75″ x 11.25″ x 5″
    Inner Size 14.5″ x 11″ x 2.5″
    Fingerprint Memory 30
    Secondary Access 2 back-up keys
    Locking System Motorized deadbolt lock
    Fireproof No
    Door Thickness 3/16″
    Body Thickness 1/16″
    Batteries 4 AA
    Warranty Manufacturer One-Year Limited Warranty
    • 1x – Barska AX11556 Top Opening Biometric Drawer Safe
    • 1x – Protective Floor Mat
    • 1x – Set of (2) Emergency Back-up Keys
    • 1x – Set of Mounting Hardware
    • 4x – AA Batteries
Price: $219.99